General COVID-19 FAQ  

Last updated September 6, 2021. Please check this page for updates. Certain details in this Roux Institute COVID-19 FAQ are drawn from the Northeastern University’s homepage COVID-19 FAQ.

Key Information:

  • All students joining the Roux Institute for the Fall 2021 term are required to be fully vaccinated and submit verification of vaccination by August 15, 2021.
  • All faculty, staff, and embedded campus users are required to be fully vaccinated and submit verification of vaccination by September 8, 2021.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and embedded campus users can submit vaccine verification through Northeastern’s online wellness portal, under the link that reads “Vaccine Verification”.
  • Roux Institute students, faculty, staff, and embedded campus users will undergo COVID-19 testing once a week starting in the first week of September. Please note: when you register for Color the first time you will need to enter the Roux Program Code: NURoux.
  • All students, faculty, staff, embedded campus users, and vendors across Northeastern’s network of global campuses are currently required to wear masks indoors, effective Monday, September 6.
  • As of September 6, everyone—fully vaccinated and unvaccinated—should resume completing the Daily Wellness Check any day they are on campus. Download the Wellness app to complete your Wellness Check here.
What city and state regulations might impact learners, faculty, and staff, and where can I get updates? What local resources are available for COVID-19 information? 

Policies and restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic from the city of Portland and the governor of Maine are largely the same: The  city  follows guidance from the  state, with a few city-specific guidelines in place. Like all of Northeastern’s campuses, the Roux Institute is fully compliant with city and state guidelines and in certain respects may exceed these guidelines to afford greater protection to the community.



Are there specific quarantine guidelines visitors should follow when travelling to campus?

Per current guidelines, Maine does not require testing or quarantine for travelers to the state. 


How are classes offered at the Roux Institute?

All Northeastern locations have adopted an advanced, highly flexible learning model called Hybrid NUflex. From week to week, Hybrid NUflex allows some learners to attend classes in person while others join remotely via Zoom or Teams. To manage classroom density, some learners will be in the classroom while others are learning remotely, in real-time.

Using a dynamic scheduling app available on Northeastern’s Student Hub, learners can indicate for faculty, in advance, their preferred mode of attendance during a given week. The Student Hub is a new, highly personalized and experience-driven platform designed to help people navigate and keep track of their busy daily lives.

The classroom experience will be immersive. It will be enhanced through video and chat tools that let learners inside and outside the classroom see each other and enjoy lively exchanges with classmates and faculty.

Faculty will decide how to best deliver their individual courses through Hybrid NUflex. The technology allows learners to begin the term remotely and then come to campus, to begin in-person and later transition to remote learning, or to be fully remote for the semester. All members of the Roux community will be asked to remain flexible in the face of the evolving pandemic and changing public health guidelines. Speak with an enrollment advisor if you have questions about specific programs.

Are daily wellness screenings required on the Roux Institute campus?

As of September 6, everyone —fully vaccinated and unvaccinated—should resume completing the Daily Wellness Check any day they are on campus. 



Are hand sanitizer stations and disinfecting wipes available on the Roux Institute campus?

Yes. Northeastern has installed additional hand sanitizer stations and made disinfecting wipes available at its campus locations, including in classrooms, the entrances to campus spaces, and in common areas.



Have cleaning and sanitization procedures been enhanced on the Roux Institute campus? 

Yes. Each campus is following Northeastern’s cleaning and sanitizing protocol using EPA-approved disinfectants. High-touch surfaces are cleaned frequently.



Are masks required on the Roux Institute campus?

As of September 6, all Roux Institute learners, faculty, staff, campus users, visitors, or vendors on campus will be required to wear a face mask 



How does the Roux Institute evaluate and maintain air quality in campus spaces?

The Roux Institute’s new 100 Fore St. building meets or exceeds quality standards set by Northeastern for air ventilation, circulation, and filtration.


How are campus buildings operating for faculty, learners, and staff? 

Starting July 6, the Roux Institute campus will operate at full capacity, including classroom spaces. We encourage all members of the community to continue observing healthhabits such as washing hands frequently, sanitizing desks and tables after use, using hand sanitizer, etc.  

Is eating allowed on the Roux Institute campus?

Eating is currently allowed on the Roux Institute campus.

What should a learner, faculty, or staff member do if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19?

Per university guidance, symptomatic individuals should complete their daily wellness assessment, stay home, and not come to campus until cleared by a physician or negative COVID test, regardless of vaccination status.  


What is the visitor policy on the Roux Institute campus?

All visitors to Northeastern’s campuses are required to comply with the university’s published health and safety protocols, including the protocols on face coverings, healthy distancing, and personal hygiene. Visitors are required to comply with all applicable state and local guidelines. For more details on the protocol, please see the Visitor Protocol.


Testing FAQ

Is testing required for Roux Institute learners, faculty, and staff? 

Beginning September 6, faculty, staff, learnerscampus users, and vendor employees—both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated—will be required to test once a week if they are on campus one day a week or more. 


What do I need to do to prepare for my testing appointment?

If this is your first-ever test on the Roux Institute campus, please complete the COVID-19 Testing Consent form prior to your first test. 

If this is your first Color-style test, you will need to create your Color account here by selecting “Create an Account.” Use the Roux Institute’s program code “NURoux” to register.

All individuals coming to test will need to complete their Daily Wellness Check prior to coming to campus. 

What will the process look like for testing Roux Institute learners, faculty, and staff?

When you first arrive on campus, please check in with the front desk staff who will provide you with your kit and show you to the testing area. Once in the testing area, activate your test kit by completing the online form on the Color platform. Make sure you receive a confirmation from Color that your test has been activated before conducting your test. Follow the steps to conduct the self-administered nasal swab test and make sure to keep your kit identification card in order to access your test results. 

Once you finish your test, place your completed test into the cabinet and exit the testing area.  

You will receive an email from Color when your test results are ready within 36 – 48 hours of your test. The email will include a link to access your test results by logging in to the Color portal. 

How should Roux Institute learners, faculty, and staff schedule appointments to be tested?

As of June 21, the Roux Institute is no longer requiring that staff, faculty, and learners make appointments in order to be tested and will now operate on a walk-in basis.  


What are COVID-19 testing hours on the Roux Institute campus?

As of June 21, testing will be available at any point during campus hours, Monday to Friday.

What type of test is it?

As of June 21, the Roux Institute will be running our testing through the platform Color. Color uses anterior nares (AN) swabs and nucleic acid amplification techniques (RT-LAMP and RT-PCR) to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA. This test type is used by all other Northeastern regional campuses. Learn more about Color’s testing here. 

Please note that Color-stye testing does not screen for variants of the coronavirus and only tests for a binary positive or negative. 


Will testing be available to family members or outside community?

No. Testing will be limited to learners, faculty, staff, and vendors.

Can I be tested twice a week? 

Yes, you may choose to be tested twice a week if you are a frequent campus user.


How soon will I get my test results?

Test results will be available within 36 to 48 hours.

How will I access my test results? 

You will be alerted by email when your results become available. The email will include instructions on how to view your results. 

What if I have a positive test result? 

If you get a positive test result, someone from Northeastern’s wellness support team will be in touch to walk you through next steps.  

What does it mean if I receive a notification that my results are inconclusive, partial, NA or invalid?

There are some situations where you may have to repeat the test to receive a conclusive result. If your results are inconclusive, it means the lab cannot determine whether or not CoV-SARS-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is present in your sample. An inconclusive result does not mean you have COVID-19. If your results are partial, NA, or invalid, it is likely because the sample collected was insufficient to run the test. You may receive an NA or “test not processed” result due to errors such as inserting your swab upside down into the tube, your tube breaking during transport, or a barcode that could not be scanned.  If your result is inconclusive, partial, NA, or “test not processed,” you will be notified that you need to provide another swab specimen to repeat the test.

Can I show a test result from a different testing center instead of getting tested on campus? 

If you are unable to get tested on campus or would prefer to get tested somewhere else, we do accept results from other testing centers that use the anterior nasal swab test type. Roux faculty and staff should also plan to get tested a second time on campus if possible. (Roux Institute learners may choose to leverage non-campus testing only but do have the option of a second test per week on campus.)


Should I come for a test if I am experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or if I’ve had exposure to COVID-19? 

No. If you are experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 listed in the Daily Wellness Check, or if you’ve been exposed to someone who’s had a positive diagnosis for COVID-19, please do not come to campus. Follow guidance from the state of Maine to contact your medical provider.


If a Roux Institute learner, faculty, and staff member has marked themselves Primarily Remote in the COVID-19 Test Scheduler, do they need to change their status? 

No. The Roux Institute does not use the same compliance tracking system or testing process as the Boston campus does. Roux Insitute learners, faculty, and staff should still mark themselves Primarily Remote in the COVID-19 Test Scheduler.


What should a Roux Institute community member do if they test positive for COVID-19?

All learners, faculty, and staff should follow their local public health guidelines. Those living in or coming into Maine should visit Maine’s COVID-19 webpage.

What happens if someone has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been on campus? Will classmates or staff and faculty be notified?

If learners, staff or faculty test positive, Northeastern team members will conduct contact tracing to notify close contacts within our campus community. Public health authorities will conduct broader contact tracing to notify close contacts of those outside our community. To protect each person’s privacy, our team and state public health authorities cannot share the identity of anyone who tests positive for COVID-19. Team members and learners will be notified only if they are a close contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19, and the identity of the person will not be shared.


Vaccination FAQ

Is vaccination manditory?

Beginning in the fall academic term, learners will be expected to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the first day of classes. Faculty and staff are expected to submit verification of vaccination no later than September 8th. Students, faculty, and staff should complete the Vaccine Verification form to submit their proof of immunization.

If my COVID-19 related question isn’t answered here, is there a contact number where I can ask further questions?

If you have other COVID-19 related questions, please email [email protected]. This inbox is monitored from 8:00 a.m. ET to 6:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.