Future of Healthcare Founder Residency Application

Future of Healthcare Founder Residency

The Roux Institute's year-long Future of Healthcare Founder Residency is created to support entrepreneurs looking to transform the way communities, clinicians, health executives, and patients interact with and within the healthcare system. We make targeted investments and offer full-service support services to 10 of the top early-stage health-related ventures per year.

Designed in partnership with Northern Light Health and MaineHealth, the Roux Institute’s Future of Healthcare Founder Residency is the first of its kind in northern New England. Participants of the program receive a $50,000 investment and the opportunity to learn more and collaborate with top clinicians and healthcare experts, mentors, and growth-accelerating programming. Maine Venture Fund, the state’s venture capital fund, works with companies on-site and is also an investor in the program.

As part of our $50,000 investment in each company, Founders in the Residency have access to curated programming and mentorship from top experts and entrepreneurs in the field, free in-house Business, Design, and Legal services, and a peer community to accelerate their growth. Founders also benefit from our extensive network in the healthcare and payer space and access to our partner healthcare systems Northern Light and Maine Health, which together serve over 90% of Maine households.

Founders who are selected and receive investment will be co-located at the Roux Institute for twelve months (beginning April 2024).

Questions? Please contact Director of the Future of Healthcare Founder Residency, Elena Brondolo, [email protected]

About You

Tell us a bit about yourself and your venture.
This does NOT need to be polished. It can be you in front of a phone camera talking about your idea. What's the problem you are solving and why are you uniquely qualified to solve the problem you are tackling? Who is on your founding team? What traction do you have to date? What's your big vision?

Your Idea/Venture

Tell us what you're up to.
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Venture Stage

Where are you in the process? We work with early-stage founders and teams.
It is fine if it is just you but we like to get an idea of what the team (if it exists) looks like. Feel free to include advisors and employees.

Founder Residency Specific Questions

Tell us why your venture is a good fit for the Founder Residency.

CV/Resume Upload

If you have one, please upload a deck for your business to this link using the file name: Company Name_Deck.

You can also upload CV/Resumes for the team using the file name: Company Name_Person Name_CV

Upload Deck Here: https://airtable.com/shrOxLl9QV2tFSMs4