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Amy Mueller

Improving water quality

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Marine and Environmental Sciences, College of Engineering and College of Science

Professor Mueller’s research combines the development of electronic and electrochemical sensors with science-aware machine learning to build systems for monitoring and maintaining water quality. Her Environmental Sensors Lab integrates the work of engineers and scientists to address a variety of environmental challenges. Together they are developing new sensors, instruments, and signal processing strategies to optimize their ability to study the natural and built environments.  

A primary focus is the automation and optimization of urban water infrastructure and aquaculture systems to reduce pollutant flows into urban and coastal water bodies. Mueller is collaborating on a project funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to develop miniaturized sensors to monitor water quality in offshore, closed-pen fish farms, with potential impact on New England’s food economy. She is also principal investigator for the United States Geological Survey’s Water Resources Research Institute. 

Mueller earned a PhD in environmental chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.