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Mark Wagy

Sr. Data Scientist
Lecturer, Analytics

Mark Wagy is a senior data scientist and manager of the AI Solutions Hub at the Institute for Experiential AI (EAI). He also teaches AI as an adjunct professor at Northeastern University College of Professional Studies.

 Wagy brings a unique background and perspective to EAI, having worked as a data leader, scientist, and engineer in academia and industry. He was chief technology officer and co-founder of a financial technology company specializing in debt optimization called Solve Finance. He also served as senior director of data science and engineering teams after being one of the first data scientists at WEX, built data search systems as an engineer at LexisNexis, and developed numerical models as a scientist at Medtronic.

 While a postdoc at Dartmouth college, Wagy worked on brain-inspired machine learning algorithms. He has also researched the ways in which humans and machines work together to solve complex problems at the University of Vermont and worked on massive-scale machine learning systems at MIT. He earned his doctorate of philosophy in computer science from the University of Vermont. He also received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from University of Minnesota and bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics from Lewis & Clark College.