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Paolo Ciuccarelli

Professor of Art + Design, College of Arts, Media and Design

Professor Ciuccarelli is an internationally recognized designer, scholar, educator, and leader in information design. This field aims to render complex data accessible, understandable, and useful through charts, dashboards, animations, and custom data visualizations and experiences. As the founding director of Northeasterns Center for Design, Ciuccarelli works with researchers and organizations worldwide to create and deploy design solutions that synthesize information, improve communication, facilitate decision making, and inform public policy and society at large. 

Ciuccarelli spent 20 years on the faculty at Politecnico di Milano. There he founded the collaborative, multidisciplinary DensityDesign Research Lab, which focused on the visual representation of complex social, organizational, and urban phenomena. The lab earned international acclaim for establishing principles and developing new tools and methods for making sense of data and technology through compelling design. 

Ciuccarelli has published in leading journals and collaborated with organizations globally to integrate design and data into a wide range of disciplines, from health and technology to management. He holds a Master of Science in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano.