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Turning data into direction. Advancing technology. Pushing boundaries. Roux Institute researchers work together across disciples to drive progress for companies and communities in Maine and beyond.

  Interdisciplinary research at work in Maine

The Roux Institute’s core applied research domains are led by world-renowned experts

  • Engineering

    In engineering, we innovate and build new knowledge at the interfaces of disciplines using physics-based models and data to address problems that matter to society.

  • Computational Medicine

    In computational medicine, we develop models of biological systems in health and disease, understand how to constrain these models using data from a specific patient, and harness the patient-specific model to deliver care tuned to the needs of the individual.

  • Experiential AI

    The promise of artificial intelligence lies not in its ability to replace humans, but to help them do what they do best. The Roux Institute’s focus is on human-centered, “experiential” AI technologies, which combine the computing power of machines with uniquely human capacities such as reasoning, creativity, and empathy. Because together, machines and humans will achieve far more than either could alone.

Research Leadership

If you can dream it, we can help you build it. 

To solve a challenge—or turn an idea into reality—contact us. Our expertise is broad, ranging from experiential AI, nanoscience, and coastal sustainability to supply chain management. We can help you develop new technologies and even launch new ventures.