A new engine for tech talent and innovation, located in Portland, Maine


Learning and research for an AI-driven economy

Northeastern’s Roux Institute is designed as an engine of innovation, talent, and economic growth in Portland, the state of Maine, and the region. Partnership is what sets our education and research model apart. With leading companies at the table from day one, we’re together creating an agile workforce prepared to thrive in a competitive landscape powered by artificial intelligence, and an environment for innovation in the life sciences and other high-growth sectors.

In-demand disciplines
  • Applied Analytics
  • Bioengineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science
  • Genomics
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Precision Medicine
  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Project Management
New model for education and research

A new model for education and research

Graduate programs for high-growth fields
  • Earn graduate credentials at a leading research university
  • Develop human and tech skills in demand worldwide
  • Stay agile—and adaptable—throughout your career
Enterprise talent solutions
  • Customize learning programs for your organization
  • Build skills in teamwork, application, and prototyping
  • Leverage stackable courses, certificates, and degrees
Research partnerships to drive growth
  • Access valuable resources and expertise in experiential AI
  • Advance your R&D in collaboration with our faculty
  • Co-locate your research team in world-class facilities

Join our founding employer partners

The Roux Institute invites organizations across sectors to join our 10 founding partners. Our partners are at the table from day one, codesigning opportunities that work for them. We collaborate closely with them to understand their talent and innovation needs. Then together, we align around the right education and research initiatives to meet those needs.

By partnering with the Roux Institute and Northeastern on R&D, we’ll continue our success in anticipating the next technology trend.

Josh Broder



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Employment Opportunities

The Roux Institute is recruiting across a range of roles and opportunities—in teaching, research, administration, operations, and business development. We invite you to check back frequently as positions are posted. For general inquiries about employment opportunities fill out our contact form above.

David and Barbara Roux

About David and Barbara Roux

The Roux Institute is named in recognition of the generous founding investment made by David and Barbara Roux. The Rouxs understand the societal challenges posed by rapid technological change and why those challenges require a new model of higher education.

They teamed up with Northeastern as the institute’s founding academic partner because they believe in the power of the university’s distinctive model, which makes employers vital partners in both learning and research. And they see the opportunity ahead for the Roux Institute to transform Maine’s economy by making it a hub for innovation in experiential artificial intelligence, digital engineering, and advanced life sciences.

The Roux Institute gives us an opportunity to have deeper engagement with existing businesses—and to expand new ones. We're building a talent pool that responds to the needs of tech companies.

Kate Snyder


City of Portland

Bill Caron - CEO - MaineHealth

Northeastern is the right partner for Maine. They have an approach that says, let’s work with business to identify what their needs are, and we’ll define an educational curriculum around that.

Bill Caron