What Northeastern’s Roux Institute is doing to halt the closing of maternity care units at rural hospitals

Almost one-third of hospitals in rural Maine have closed their obstetric units in the past 15 years, meaning that expectant mothers face longer drives for maternity care and increased health risks due to lack of access to obstetricians and delivery room nurses.

Now a team of researchers from Northeastern’s Roux Institute in Portland, Maine, is reporting on a way to grow flowers in the state’s maternity desert by keeping the obstetric programs that remain open and thriving.

The researchers interviewed scores of nurses, doctors and administrators at 15 of 16 rural hospitals to come up with a comprehensive plan to address obstetrical workforce needs.

Roux Institute Alfond Scholar uses data to make environmental policy impacts in Maine

Phillip Mathieu, who is earning his master’s degree in data science at the Roux Institute, is putting his newfound skills to use on his passion for the environment and humanity’s impact on it.

How Bangor Savings Bank Collaborates with the Roux Institute for Workforce Development at Scale

To date, over 230 Bangor Savings Bank employees have engaged in customized learning programs with the Roux Institute that align with the bank’s priorities – using data to enhance experiences and upskilling leaders.

Northeastern University’s Roux Institute:
An Opportunity Engine in Maine

We’re building a talent pipeline and driving innovation
at the intersection of tech, data, and the advanced life sciences.

Fueling the Future of Maine

Highly skilled talent is attracted to the opportunities being created in Maine. The impact of Nandita Gurwara, a computer science student and co-op with New England Marine Monitoring, shows how co-op not only helps employers build their talent pipeline but also reels in skilled employees Maine needs to accelerate economic growth.

Design Your Career Path

Computer Science graduate student Kris Barnes has followed his passion for computer science to build a rewarding new career.

Become an Agile Problem-Solver

Roux Institute Professor Aileen Huang-Saad teaches students to be creative self-starters who can solve problems.

Build a Tech-Savvy Team

L.L.Bean President and CEO Steve Smith turned to the Roux Institute to help enhance his employees’ data-fluency.

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