Our Portfolio

Our portfolio companies come from all over the world—from Chile to Seattle and beyond— to Maine to grow their companies buoyed by the support of the Roux Institute and Northeastern network, and the Maine entrepreneurial ecosystem.

I say to those who invest here, who want to invest here, who want to move here and live here, contribute to our economy and our wellbeing, you make us want to be a better state.


Governor of Maine

Future of Healthcare Founder Residency 2023

  • Althea Health

    Althea Health is developing an artificial intelligence virtual healthcare assistant that aims to ease staffing and burnout faced by healthcare providers.

  • Apriqot

    Apriqot is creating a “community magnifying glass” that produces dynamic population health estimates to help highlight the factors behind inequities in health outcomes and, ultimately, inform policy.

  • Empallo

    Empallo is an MIT spinoff that is creating machine learning models that will ultimately produce more personalized treatment plans for patients with cardiovascular diseases and improve clinical trials.

  • EmTech Care Labs

    EmTech Care Labs is developing a digital platform, Care-Wallet, to assist families in managing home-based long-term care.

  • Mother of Fact

    Mother of Fact is a digital health platform provided to women’s health clinics that connect their patients with registered dieticians.

  • PragmaClin

    PragmaClin is a cloud-based patient monitoring and assessment tool to help neurologists assess the progression of Parkinson’s Disease in their patients.

  • Radiolife

    Radiolife is a startup developing a medical device called Cube Scan that can detect the presence of viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells in under 20 seconds.

  • Stratos Medical

    Stratos Medical is an early stage company that is working on its first product, TrackSmart, a device that aims to make vascular access easier and less damaging during hemodialysis sessions.

  • 119

    119 is a communication tool designed to guide bystanders through the appropriate response in emergency situations.

Techstars Accelerator Class of 2022

  • ByDesign

    The first social and achievement oriented planning tool that helps people plan their lives, build community, and achieve goals.

  • CICLA 3D

    At CICLA we develop and produce advanced composites materials for 3D printers.

  • Cypress Health

    An integrative gut health solution built on consistent, contextualized data for patients and care teams.

  • HotDrop

    HotDrop is an app that connects artists with fans, making music discovery simple and social.

  • Pointz

    Pointz is a mapping app that crowdsources safer bike & scooter routes. We license the data to delivery companies and operators.

  • ReVert Technologies, Inc.

    We make AI-enabled power outlets to help consumers become conservers.

  • The PS Collective

    The PS Collective is an online marketplace where women are connected to independent designers who make clothes to fit their shape and style.

  • Torque, Inc.

    Instead of hiring DevOps to set up cloud infrastructure manually, software developers design systems visually.

  • Virtual Sapiens, Inc.

    Virtual Sapiens leverages AI and behavioral science to provide insights on nonverbal communication cues on video.

  • hey freya

    hey freya is the first comprehensive women’s wellness solution that prioritizes convenience, inclusivity, and the top concerns of busy women: overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety. Every product is designed with her convenience in mind, from health testing to peer support to technology that can be used at home or on-the-go to deliver the best health solutions for every life stage in 5 minutes or less.

Founder Residency Class of 2022 (July)

  • JotLogs

    JotLogs is a cloud-based platform that helps surgeons take notes and keep track of surgical cases, and makes that information more accessible for medical research and publications.

  • Meru

    Meru is a creator–economy startup that makes it easier for people to buy from people they trust and from brands that fit their values. Our software brings storefronts to where the audience is, which leads to a better buying experience for consumers, better conversion for brands, and more commission for creators.

  • ReMo

    ReMo is a web-based application created for students and literacy educators in grades 4-12 to inspire independent reading and create lifelong, engaged readers. ReMo provides the space for students to access their own reading data and have ownership of their reading identities while at home or at school. ReMo also gives educators the tools to build strong relationships and motivate students to love reading.

  • EthioPay 

    EthioPay is a U.S. app–based platform that makes it easier for people to send cash instantly to mobile money accounts and offers stock and ETF trading.

  • DutchPot

    DutchPot is a digital platform for culinary collaboration. We curate a trusted but dynamic map of collaborative business opportunities. The platform enables culinary creatives to connect, expand their teams, and work together on projects.

Founder Residency Class of 2022 (January)

  • DeepCharge Inc.

    DeepCharge is leading the next generation of wireless charging and intelligent surfaces. Its platform features the most advanced, AI-enabled technology in the wireless charging space, delivering multi-device wireless ‘anywhere, anytime’ charging freedom to improve the overall charging experience and untether billions of battery-powered devices from wired charging.

    Offering the only fully programmable and reconfigurable system in the market, its proprietary platform simplifies daily life by radically transforming wireless charging as we know it by making surfaces like counters or desks – into intelligent, wireless power solutions – a solution that defies previous technological limits.

  • Election Bridge

    Election Bridge is a conduit and activator for households to connect and share feedback with the different levels of U.S. government. The platform allows users to come together as a unified voice and utilize technology to generate data-led insights for better governance and improved hyperlocal development.

  • Shinkei Systems

    Shinkei Systems builds robotics that minimize fish waste and multiple shelf-life. Of the 1.2B lbs of fish caught every day, as little as 1 in 3 can make it to a plate. Most fish are left to suffocate on boats, which creates stress and degrades meat quality. We automate traditional processing techniques to improve shelf-life and quality.

  • Hey Freya

    Hey Freya is innovating women’s digital health solutions that are body-positive, based in science, and made for women by women to answer the ultimate question: How am I doing? Hey Freya is smashing the tradition of women’s health solutions focusing only on pregnancy and fertility to empower women to lead happier and healthier lives.

  • Tanbark Molded Fiber Products

    Tanbark has unique expertise, first mover advantage, and technologically advanced solutions for an emerging market demanding sustainable, compostable packaging.

    Tanbark manufactures Molded Fiber packaging, focusing on Type 3 Molded Fiber packaging, which is one of the best replacements for single-use plastic and Styrofoam.

Techstars Accelerator Class of 2021

  • Popsixle

    A lean research platform that helps brands get honest feedback from real people so that they can make better decisions.

  • Breathing.ai

    We integrate healthy habits into screen interactions via our patented browser extension.

  • Circa

    Reinventing rent using a powerful mix of payment flexibility, credit reporting, communications, arrears planning, and more.

  • Eskuad

    A platform with offline capability that streamlines data collection and other easy-to-use services.

  • Group B Labs

    Creating technology that simplifies childcare in a way that nurtures both parent and child.

  • ListedB

    ListedB is a social booking app for beauty and wellness services within the Black community.

  • MCSquared Health

    We simplify the medical billing process so patients and providers can focus on what’s most important: care.

  • Omnic Data

    AI and deep learning esports solutions.

  • Phase Zero

    Enabling a seamless patient and study team experience.

  • Wishroute

    Wishroute is an SMS platform that increases user engagement and conversion through motivating human conversations.

Founder Residency Class of 2021

  • UNAR Labs

    Software company building innovative digital tools and tech with the mission of empowering people with visual impairments by enabling information access in digital media.

  • New England Marine Monitoring

    A fisheries technology company providing camera-based, modernized fisheries-monitoring services to New England fishermen.

  • Lief

    A new model of childcare that leverages technology to match-like minded families and place quality, vetted providers in the home.

  • Kinotek

    A movement analysis company providing actionable data and insights to clinicians, resulting in improved quality of care, insurance reimbursement, and increased revenue.

  • Hydronet

    Provides reliable, secure, and self-optimizing networks in contested environments enabling seamless integration of underwater assets without need for a pre-existing communication infrastructure.

  • Forerunner

    Software that helps government agencies leverage per-property data to decrease community-wide flood risk and increase their capacity to adapt to climate change.