Startup Discovery

Looking for an interactive workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Our Startup Discovery programs are high energy events, designed to provide participants with an overview of the early stages of entrepreneurship.

Throughout the workshop, participants will meet the Roux Institute’s entrepreneurship team, learn basic design thinking principles, and begin to build their business idea. The aim of the workshop is to provide participants who are curious about entrepreneurship with a comprehensive understand of the pathway to entrepreneurship – and to support them in taking the first steps towards building their own business idea. 

Portland Adult Education students are accustomed to starting over in education or a new country, but the Roux Institute's Startup Discovery program was different; it gave them a chance to play with design thinking for a few hours. Whether students had prior experience running their own businesses or just dreams of starting them, they left the program feeling invigorated and hungry to learn more.

Anja Hanson

Academic Advisor

Portland Adult Education


Why should I offer a Startup Discovery workshop?

Startup Discovery workshops were designed to make entrepreneurship more accessible to people across the state of Maine. By teaming up with community partners aligned in that mission, we believe that together, we can create a more inclusive and impactful program. We have an established core program curriculum, but are also open to opportunities to tailor it for your community.

Who is the ideal audience for a Startup Discovery workshop?

We bring the Startup Discovery workshop to community organizations throughout the state of Maine, as an opportunity to add valuable programming to encourage and inspire entpreneurship as a career pathway.

The participants for Startup Discovery workshops are individuals who are curious about entpreneurship, but unsure how to get started. This program is for all backgrounds and experience levels –  participants just need to bring an open mind and sense of curiosity.

Where are Startup Discovery workshops held?

The Roux Institute is happy to host Startup Discovery workshops at our Portland campus, but we’re also excited when we have the opportunity to travel across the state, bringing the programming to you.

What is the cost to host a Startup Discovery workshop?

If you are interested in organizing a Startup Discovery workshop, we encourage you to reach out so we can discuss specifics of what the program could look, specific to your community.

How far in advance do we need to plan a Startup Discovery?

The Roux Institute’s entrepreneurship team asks that we allow at least two months to plan a Startup Discovery workshop. This allows us time to understand your organization and community’s needs and tailor the program offering. It also ensures there is ample time to help promote the program to attract participants for an optimal workshop experience.

What do you gain from participating in a Startup Discovery workshop?

Startup Discovery workshops are designed to take startup curious individuals through an understanding of an entpreneurship journey. In our core three-hour workshop, participants will:

  • Meet the Roux Institute’s entrepreneurship team
  • Gain an understanding of local entrepreneurship resources accessible to them
  • Learn the fundamental principals of design thinking
  • Begin to build their business idea
  • Expand their network of established and aspiring entrepreneurs

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