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Get a scholarship to continue your education and secure your future in advanced technology.

Flexible graduate programs to meet your needs.

The current job market is challenging. Pursue a graduate degree today to position yourself for the in-demand careers of the future in high-growth fields like computer science, analytics, and bioinformatics. The Roux Institute at Northeastern University offers a new model of education, working with its 11 employer partners to design course opportunities aligned with today’s most future-forward organizations. The result is an educational experience engineered to open new career paths—in Maine and beyond.

We’re ready to invest in you and your future. 

The Roux Institute wants to share your investment and make your education more affordable.

Our signature model of tech-forward graduate learning courses offers degree and certificate programs with professional learning opportunities at leading local businesses. You’ll get the real-world experience, analytical and creative skills, and networking opportunities you need to differentiate yourself.

Discover what’s possible with:

  • Generous scholarships to graduate certificate and degree programs aligned with high-growth industries  
  • Complimentary introductory courses
  • Personalized career counseling
  • Experiential opportunities—including Northeastern’s renowned co-op program—at our partner companies
  • Initial offerings in computer science, analytics, project management, and bioinformatics

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Our employer partnerships open doors for you.

We sit down with our employer partners to understand their challenges, then design educational initiatives and programs together that meet their talent and innovation needs. In turn, our partners provide professional opportunities for students that you can leverage during your studies, including six-month co-ops and six-week virtual projects.