2022 Founder Residency Application

Our mission is to support the innovators looking to change the world while building their ventures in Maine. The Roux Institute Founder Residency is a year-long engagement designed to support founders at the earliest stages of their entrepreneurial journey. The Residency gives founders access to curated programming, mentorship, joint research opportunities, a network of expert advisors, and a peer community to accelerate their growth.
The program is intended to lower the barrier of entry for would-be entrepreneurs with a high-growth, technology-focused concept who might not have the financial means to support themselves while they develop their idea. We believe that surrounding these exceptional founders with the resources to succeed will lead to a more diverse startup ecosystem in Maine and this program is targeted at those founders.
Founders who are selected will be co-located in the Roux Institute for twelve (12) months (beginning January 2022)
The application has three core areas: About You: Let us know who you are, Your Idea/Venture: Let us know what you're doing, Impact: Let us know how we can help
We will conduct interviews with selected Founders on a rolling basis and expect to have selections made in November 2021.
Questions? Please contact Associate Director of Entrepreneurship, Benjamin Chesler at [email protected]

About You

Tell us a bit about yourself and your venture.
This does NOT need to be polished. It can be you in front of a phone camera talking about your idea. Please do not submit a professionally-produced video. Tell us why you are uniquely qualified to solve the problem you are tackling. Who is on your founding team & why are you the best team to solve this problem? How did the team come together? If an individual, what led you to tackle this problem?

Please Upload a current CV/Resume for all Founders to this link using the file name: LastName_Resume


Your Idea/Venture

Tell us what you're up to.
This does NOT need to be polished. It can be anything from you talking about your idea to a video with graphics explaining your product. We suggest describing the unmet need you are targeting and why it is important. Include a brief description of your solution. We suggest addressing things like market size, revenue potential, funding requirements, timelines, etc.
max 750 characters
max 1,500 characters
Please include name and website

Venture Stage

Where are you in the process? We work with early-stage founders and teams.
It is fine if it is just you but we like to get an idea of what the team (if it exists) looks like. Feel free to include advisors and employees.

Founder Residency Specific Questions

Tell us why your venture is a good fit for the Founder Residency.

If you would like, please upload a deck for your business to this link using the file name: Company Name_Deck