An education model that helps companies build skills—and nurture talent

Businesses need tech-forward, agile employees who can pivot quickly and evolve. Equip them with an entrepreneur’s mindset, a technical skill set, and an innovator’s toolkit.

Develop and retain talent 

We’ll work with you to understand your organization’s unique needs, then co-design learning programs that fill skills gaps in technology and innovation. Together, we can create customized webinars, workshops, courses, and even degree programs, online or onsite. All our programs are grounded in experiential learning so that your employees can apply what they learn directly to their job—a process we call “learning in the flow of work.” 

Create a talent pipeline 

Our experiential learning model makes it easy to audition and recruit skilled professionals. You can hire graduate students into six-month, full-time professional co-op positions. Or through our Experiential Network program, you can assign six-week virtual projects. It’s a win-win: You get valuable project deliverables and a chance to audition talent. Students get resume-building experiences.

Your company can also engage a talented doctoral student in a research project for up to eight months—or support a top employee eager to achieve a research doctorate at Northeastern while still working full or part time.

Case Study

Experiential learning with real-world impact

A Maine bank wanted to gain insight on their customers based on their previous interactions with the bank, as well as other demographic traits like age and income level. The bank needed a partner to draw insights of its historical data using analytics and learn what type of customers specific types of accounts attract, what products most strongly associate with each other, and whether the bank can anticipate what types of accounts customers will open next. 

At the end of the 12-week project, students presented their findings to bank representatives. Their overview provided key insights that could help drive future sales and marketing, including customer segmentation strategies as well as upsell and cross-sell recommendations, such as how likely certain types of customers with a savings account are to sign up for a checking account or CD, or the ideal customer profile for someone who is likely ready for a mortgage.

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Case Study

Specialized degrees to fill skills gaps

When Alaina Cellini saw her career shifting toward analytics, she explored graduate programs that could provide the foundational skills she needed to advance at WEX, a financial technology solutions company. The stars aligned when she discovered the Roux Institute’s Master of Professional Studies in analytics, and WEX—a Roux founding partner—provided generous tuition support.  

At the Roux, Cellini learned concepts in class at night and applied them at work the next day. She gained the confidence to be more creative, implement new analytics strategies, and rise up the ranks at WEX. She’s been promoted twice since starting in her Roux program, which has helped her build the life and career she’s always wanted, in Maine. 

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Case Study

Customized, co-designed learning

When Bangor Savings Bank accelerated plans to grow a culture of data literacy across its workforce, the Roux collaborated with bank leaders to tailor two courses for employees in data analytics: an introductory course covering foundational skills, and an advanced course in data communication and visualization.  

Thirty employees—from management trainees to senior leaders across divisions—have participated so far. These courses combine virtual learning with real-world projects that draw on company data. For example, the bank has deployed a company-wide dashboard that tracks progress toward fiscal-year goals in real time.

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If you can dream it, we can help you build it.

To create the optimal learning program for your team, contact us. Together, we’ll identify your skills gaps. Then we’ll plan a workshop, webinar, or program to provide your workforce with the latest in technological knowledge and capabilities.