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Investing in Workforce Development at Scale  

The Vision

As a forward-thinking community bank and workplace of choice, Bangor Savings Bank leverages data to build trusted customer relationships. Partnering with the Roux Institute provides Bangor Savings Bank with structured learning opportunities that support the bank’s journey in using data to drive its mission, while also upskilling their workforce to encourage continuous learning and excellence.

This impactful 8-week course provided me with a world-class education that deepened my knowledge within the space that I lead, positively impacting our employees who will shape our customers’ experiences of tomorrow.

Amber Heffner Cosby

Senior Vice President, Director of Business Technology

Bangor Savings Bank

Our Custom Learning Solution

Through their efforts to use data to build customer relationships, Bangor Savings Bank worked with the Roux Institute to design a two-course progression of customized learning experiences to develop their management trainees and team members in key roles throughout the organization. The first course, “Intro to Data Analytics,” introduced data-driven decision making. This course was followed by “Communications and Visualization for Data Analytics,” which was designed to support employees using the bank’s business intelligence platform to create data visualizations and communication tools.

As Bangor Savings Bank continues to grow, it remains committed to developing leaders across the bank, creating a workplace where employees have the tools and resources to propel work. In 2021, 80 leaders took part in a customized project management course. The course was designed to give these leaders high-level knowledge and best practices in project management to enable them to lead high-performing teams. Participants reported that the course “gave them a better understanding of project management and related it specifically to our organization,” and that “having our own head of project management and our project management team involved in the class was quite helpful.”

As an organization that encourages continuous learning for employees, Bangor Savings Bank also took advantage of the Roux Institute’s multi-partner courses, where a smaller number of employees could engage in a relevant topic, like “Trends and Applications in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” and “Leadership in AI.” Amber Heffner Cosby, Senior Vice President, Director of Business Technology, and a learner in “Trends and Applications in AI and ML,” said, “This impactful 8-week course provided me with a world-class education that deepened my knowledge within the space that I lead, positively impacting our employees who will shape our customers’ experiences of tomorrow.”

Partner Benefits & Roux Capabilities

Over 230 Bangor Savings Bank employees have engaged in customized learning programs with the Roux Institute that align with the bank’s priorities – using data to enhance experiences and upskilling leaders.

Previously, Bangor Savings Bank relied on various internal and external training programs. The additional value the Roux Institute has been able to drive is in customizing the projects and case studies in the courses. “Partnering with the Roux has been a highly valuable investment in our employees and organization,” says Bob Montgomery-Rice, President and CEO of Bangor Savings Bank. “Our team members have advanced their skills to think more strategically and creatively by developing a deeper understanding of our business insights and customer needs.”

The Roux Institute delivers customized learning designed to solve business problems. Our approach develops technical and critical thinking skills by incorporating company-specific projects, data, and tools into our learning experiences.

The Roux Institute instructor's use of real-world examples and the ability to draw from practical experiences are really helpful. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from using our internal dashboards and have already started putting into use some of the best practices for data visualization.

Bangor Savings Bank Employee

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