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Our partnerships are infinitely flexible in scope and scale—and customized to serve your business goals. Work with us to plan projects and speed the translation of discoveries into transformative, market-ready solutions.

  • Collaborate with world-leading researchers and faculty members

  • Access cutting-edge technologies and facilities across Northeastern's network

  • Co-design IP policies that benefit all partners

  • Leverage Northeastern's incubator to launch products and joint ventures

Case Study

Drones for surveillance, security, delivery

The U.S. is ramping up its drone technology and manufacturing capacity for national security, defense, civilian, and commercial purposes, such as surveillance and package delivery. In 2019, Northeastern welcomed research collaborator AeroVironment to its Innovation Campus in Burlington, Massachusetts, and built a 3D printing and electronics lab to company specifications. Researchers now pool their expertise in AI, machine learning, and materials to develop drone prototypes.

Case Study

Capturing IoT device ‘fingerprints’ 

Battery-powered wireless devices are invaluable for monitoring livestock, water meters, smart grids, and bridges in rural areas. To authenticate these devices—and ensure they won’t be mimicked by adversaries—faculty members at Northeastern’s Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things are working with InterDigital to develop radio frequency fingerprinting methods that function on reduced power. 

With Northeastern, we're excited to share capabilities and scientific knowledge, creating new materials solutions to help power, protect, and connect the world.

Robert Daigle

Vice President for Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer, Rogers Corporation

Research that transforms how the world lives and works 

Our faculty and student researchers solve global challenges in health, sustainability, and security. Their discoveries answer the needs of industry, academia, and government.

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To solve a challenge—or turn an idea into reality—contact us. Our expertise is broad, ranging from experiential AI, nanoscience, and coastal sustainability to supply chain management. We can help you develop new technologies and even launch new ventures.