A gateway to civic empowerment

CIVA tapped into Northeastern’s network of experts and students for help in design, data architecture, and more.

Company Overview:

CIVA is developing a civic intelligence platform that leverages citizen actions to develop more inclusive and sustainable cities. Through public-private cooperation, their platform captures vital civic intelligence data to help municipalities and governing agencies modernize and strengthen public service delivery.

Roux Engagements:

CIVA leveraged the Roux Institute’s resources by seeking data architecture advising from Scott Valcourt at Northeastern University’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences. The team also worked with a legal fellow and received support from the Roux entrepreneurship team’s business and design co-ops. In early 2023, CIVA was able to hire a Northeastern student in a part-time role – a connection that was enabled by their participation in the Founder Residency.

Looking Ahead:

In 2023, CIVA will close its $500k pre-seed round, which will create incredible opportunities for the team to grow during the next few years. CIVA will transition their platform from web to a mobile app, making it more user-friendly and creating better engagement options for users. They’ll also seek to expand their reach to more Maine-based organizations to assist in social impact efforts, offering their platform as a government relations management software to help streamline advocacy efforts.

“Joining the Roux Institute has allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the start-up journey and assisted us with developing the foundation of our start-up ecosystem.”

Ackeem Evans, CEO


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