Leading the next generation of wireless charging and intelligent surfaces.

The Roux Institute’s Founder Residency Program connected DeepCharge with key players and mentors that helped propel the startup to success.

Company Overview:  

DeepCharge is leading the next generation of wireless charging and intelligent surfaces. Featuring the most advanced, AI-enabled technology in the wireless charging space, DeepCharge delivers multi-device, wireless, “anytime, anywhere” charging freedom to improve the overall charging experience and untether billions of battery-powered devices from wired charging. DeepCharge offers the only fully programmable and reconfigurable system on the market, simplifying daily life by turning surfaces like counters or desks into intelligent, wireless power solutions that defy previous technological limits.  

Roux Engagements:  

DeepCharge engaged with Northeastern University’s Campus Planning and Design team as one of their enterprise customers. This allowed DeepCharge to deploy their next-generation, infrastructure-based wireless charging solution throughout campuses, making Northeastern the first higher education institution to utilize the technology. This also provided DeepCharge with a valuable testing and implementation opportunity before their official launch. 

Through its mentor network, the Roux Institute Founder Residency program also provided the team at DeepCharge with introductions and access to leading brands in furniture and IT managed services. These connections were instrumental in solidifying DeepCharge’s value proposition and go-to-market strategy. 

Looking Ahead:  

DeepCharge is currently in the process of preparing for the launch of their early access enterprise and channel access programs. These programs are focused on the deployment of DeepCharge’s wireless charging infrastructure on multiple university campuses. They’re also working on the establishment and expansion of managed service providers and original equipment manufacturer channels, which will allow DeepCharge to expand their reach and increase adoption of their technology. The team is currently seeking its next round of funding to support the growth in manufacturing, operations, and engineering. 

With access to world-class mentors, a rigorous education in entrepreneurship, and a supportive ecosystem, the Founder Residency helped us solidify our go-to-market strategy, launch our first enterprise pilot, and establish key partners.

Yousof Naderi, CEO


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