hey freya tapped into Northeastern University’s expansive network of students and experts to get guidance on research, software, marketing, and more.

Company Overview:  

hey freya wants to empower their members to take control of their health and wellness. The company is the first comprehensive women’s wellness solution that prioritizes convenience, inclusivity, and the top concerns of busy women: overwhelm, exhaustion, and anxiety. Every product is designed with her convenience in mind, from health testing to peer support, to technology that can be used at home or on-the-go. hey freya delivers the best health solutions for every stage of life in five minutes or less. 

Roux Engagements:  

hey freya made use of a range of support and resources provided by the Roux Institute and the greater Northeastern University network. They participated in several experiential network (XN) projects focused on research, software, and product-based marketing, as well as a capstone project in which Northeastern students completed a data analysis project focused on women’s health. hey freya was able to hire a Northeastern student for a co-op position focused specifically on project management. The team greatly benefitted from the Roux Institute mentor network and support from the Roux entrepreneurship team’s legal fellow.  

Looking Ahead:  

hey freya is looking toward a bright and prosperous future, having recently added world-class talent to their team and launched an impressive suite of products and services in January 2023. hey freya will continue to leverage talented Northeastern students through student engagement programs and facilitate partnerships through the Roux Institute network. 

“The Founder Residency allowed me to quit my job, focus on my startup full-time, and recruit incredible co-founders. The Roux Institute and Founder Residency also provided my team with invaluable resources from legal to data science to mentorship that accelerated our growth tenfold.”

Helkin Berg, CEO

hey freya

The Roux Institute, built on partnerships