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Auroop Ganguly

Engineering climate resilience

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Professor Ganguly works at the intersection of three areas: climate extremes and water sustainability; infrastructure resilience and homeland security; and applied data and computational sciences.

He is a recognized leader in researching weather extremes under climate change, including urban-coastal processes and hybrid methods that combine physics with data-driven science. As director of Northeastern’s Sustainability and Data Sciences Laboratory, he works with community, national and global partners, including the City of Boston, NASA, the Department of Energy, and the United Nations. He is also developing AI methods to improve climate adaptation, water and environmental security, and infrastructural resilience nationally and internationally. 

Ganguly’s spinout company, risQ, models the complex financial risks posed by climate change, translating them to actionable insights for municipal debt stakeholders. The company has won funding from the National Science Foundation. Ganguly earned a doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.