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Elena Brondolo

Director, Future of Healthcare Founder Residency

Elena Brondolo, MPH, MBA, EdD, is the Director of the Future of Healthcare Residency at The Roux Institute, Northeastern University. Brondolo’s mission is to fast-track healthcare’s future by empowering early-stage health tech innovators.

With over a decade of healthcare experience, Brondolo fuses her passions for healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Her expertise spans experiential learning, change management, and program development.

Before joining The Roux Institute, Brondolo dedicated over four years to MaineHealth, initially in clinical implementation and later as a leader in innovation education and funding programs. She revamped program curricula, guided clinicians and researchers in commercializing their ideas, and fortified the innovation foundation of the health system.

Preceding her time at MaineHealth, Brondolo spent four years at Columbia University Medical Center/New York Presbyterian, focusing on patient flow, behavioral medicine research, and organizational development. During her tenure, she co-founded a consulting company offering evidence-based leadership and organizational development support for academic medical research groups.

Brondolo’s people-first approach to program development and partnerships is rooted in her background in Organizational Psychology. She holds an MBA and MPH concentrating in entrepreneurship, change management, and health policy, and recently earned her EdD in Learning, Leadership, and Innovation from Northeastern University. Her doctoral research explored strategies for catalyzing healthcare innovation during the pandemic, translating these strategies into action through experiential learning for large systems.