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Hari Palani

Associate Research Scientist, Data Visualization

Hari Palani is an associate research scientist on the data visualization team at the Roux Institute. Palani also serves as the CEO & Principal Research Engineer of UNAR Labs, a Maine-based startup focused on empowering people with visual impairments by enabling information access in digital media. Leveraging his expertise in Spatial Information Science and Assistive Technology, he leads the R&D efforts at the Roux.

Palani earned his Ph.D. degree in Spatial Informatics in 2018 and has 10+ years of extensive professional and academic expertise across several domains such as spatial informatics, geo-spatial analysis and reasoning, assistive technology, data science, human-computer interaction, user experience research, and software product development.  

His current research focus is multisensory information access to support interactive data visualization via touch interfaces, natural language interfaces, virtual and augmented reality systems