Human Data Interaction (HDI)

Solve critical business problems through data and equip your team members with the tools they need.

We assist you and your team in understanding and making better decisions with your data through the rapid creation of interface prototypes and visual analytics tools, and assessing their usability for your specific context.

The HDI Impact

  • We Have Expertise in:

    • Data visualization & visual analytics
    • User experience & user research
    • Input and interaction design
    • Multisensory interaction
    • Mobile interfaces
    • Augmented & virtual reality
    • Human-AI interaction

  • We Can Deliver

    • Data visualization & reporting
    • Data & analytics modernization
    • Prototype evaluations and refinements
    • User Insights
    • Custom analytics tools
    • Innovative user experience designs
    • Explainable AI interfaces
    • AI Integration user experience consulting

Tailoring HDI Solutions for Different Industries

Human-Data Interaction is versatile and can be tailored to a variety of industry-specific applications, including:

Life Sciences
  • Improve drug discovery
  • Enhance clinical trial management
  • Boost regulatory compliance
Health + Medicine
  • Personalized care
  • Enhance clinical decision-making
  • Improve training and education
Engineering + Manufacturing
  • Enhance design for manufacturing
  • Track data and metrics
  • Collaborate Seamlessly

Helping Partners Succeed

We empower our partners to effectively utilize their data to solve problems that matter. Our HDI solutions combine advanced technology, intricate data science, and user-centric design to create data tools and systems that are user-friendly, efficient, and engaging. These tools and systems are designed to support your team’s scientific data analysis, facilitate stakeholder communications, foster more effective decision-making processes, and ultimately streamline your operations.


  • Optimizing ICU Care with HDI

    MaineHealth partnered with the Roux Institute’s Melanie Tory, director of data visualization research, and Rai Winslow, director of life science and medical research. Together, they created the HEART project, turning a reactive model into a proactive one.

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  • A Digital Interface to Explore Genomics Data

    These scientists at Jackson Laboratory needed a better way to discover each other’s work. They partnered with Northeastern information designers to make this happen.

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Our HDI Partners

"We like to push the boundaries of our field and do things that are new and novel, but also we really care about solving problems that matter to people in the world. We want to see the results of our work make it into the hands of people who can use them."

Melanie Tory

Director of Human Data Interaction Research

The Roux Institute

The Team

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Our team is ready to get to work. Whether it’s a small few month, a year-long intensive project, or anything in between, we’ll put together the team and solution that drives business outcomes for your organization.